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The recent discussion/panel at FPG about the attacks on the Frosts and the non validity of various accusations showed a relatively clear split in the self-styled Community. From here the split appears to us to be between the current leadership of Covenant of the Goddess (CoG) and everybody else. Thinking about it, it may be that the split started in Minneapolis in the early 1970s over the nature of the Ultimate (Unknowable) Deity.
We believe that it is now time (indeed, overdue) to attempt a healing of the split. Such a standoff as this one does not help the Community grow and thrive. Therefore we of the Church of Wicca offer to meet with representatives/spokespersons of CoG in private at a major festival to see whether we can at least clearly define any differences and, if we can’t agree, agree to disagree on certain points and then to go our ways.
Here is a further thought on the same topic: We Frosts have already rewritten Chapter 4 of Good Witch’s Bible. We feel that even this rewrite may not be enough, so we are going to rewrite the whole book. Therefore we ask those (CoG people or anyone else) who have problems with any part of the book to write to us with your thoughts and suggestions through the School:
School of Wicca
PO Box 297
Hinton, WV 25951
with their proposed improvements.
Please note: We do not expect the rewritten book to be all apple pie and ice cream. We will retain as much of the vigor and spice as we can. If all parties behave like intelligent, articulate adults, we can look upon this recent airing of opinions as a starting point of a new reïnvigorated Community.
We strongly believe that honest discussion of differences is good for the growth of our spiritual path; but that ad hominem attacks should be outlawed.
Blessed be all

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    Bob| May 8, 2014 |

    You are probably right about COG. They have always attacked and driven off anyone who disagrees with the leaders and then patted themselves on the back for reaching "a consensus" of the few who are left. I have seen them even attack and drive off last year's COG officers. In some way they function as an oligarchy. I don't believe that they will be willing to listen to anyone on their hate list, that's not who they are. COG has always fostered way too many witch wars. I do wish you well in your endeavors to achieve harmony.

    Let us know if COG ever changes.

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    Bob| May 8, 2014 |

    As long as you are talking about how to re-write your own perspective that you wrote years ago, you have already accepted that they are right and you are wrong. What needs to be discussed is the concept of accepting other people who have a different opinion. COG is attacking rather than accepting. You should not be forced to change your opinion. That violates even COG's dogma about listening to others. The conversation needs to be shifted to basic Wiccan morals such as "Do as you will," and freedom of thought. You should not be willing to discuss how you should change because they attacked you.

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    Witch n FL| May 8, 2014 |

    Having attended the round table discussion at FPG there was a common thread among the big name Pagas in attendance, that being your works had no real value to the Pagan community. A quote from Aaron Leitch's blog:https://aaronleitch.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/florida-pagan-gathering-the-frosts-and-a-modern-day-witch-hunt/
    "My opinion, as an author and historian, is that the Frosts are full of shit. I don’t buy for one second that early Wiccans sent home dildos for their female aspirants to use with their fathers. My studies into Neopagan history and practice has shown nothing of the sort, and I don’t think the Frosts could prove these claims with any documentation. Peer review would ask exactly where these practices took place, exactly when, exactly who. It would demand references and documentation. None of these things are found in the Frosts’ account, and I would hazard to say we can dismiss the material as fanciful nonsense."

    It seems no one is defending your works they are defending your right to say it. Which I would do too. No one is saying you can't make stuff up. What we are saying is we do not want someone who has at best a passing acquaintance with the truth to be allowed to be a presenter and even worse presented as an Elder at a Pagan gathering. Aaron suggested peer review, I would be in favor of having your material reviewed by historians and religious scholars. Who would not be your peers since you have forced your contrived BS on the masses for decades. Your legacy will be that you were a huckster of a phony religion based on theosophic tenets with some ritual sex, homophobia, and child abuse added in.

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    Gavin & Yvonne Frost| May 8, 2014 |

    PLease look at Marshack ?sp Roots of Civilization. The baton de commandment with its carved moon cycles probably represents the earliest writting. Speculation is that it was used for female initiation. The coven into which I was initiated used a phalus as described in the book. One of the female initiates praised the practice. Remember this was back in the 1940's


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    Mydnite Cynderella| May 8, 2014 |

    Peer Review they say….Peer Review? I don't know any other author who has been Peer Reviewed as much as you two have since Hermann Slater and Carl L. Weschcke held their "trial". It's come down every Tom, Drew and Harry who needs to make headlines for themselves pull out the Frost name, a 40 year old book and the word pedophile to stir freight train loads of shit with their name on it. I'm just wondering who they're going to attack after the Frosts have graduated and moved on to the next plane???

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