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We have just returned from Fireheart, where we had a meeting of some of the Churches in the Association. For you who don’t know, the Association is at the present time a small group of Wiccan Churches that have agreed
a) not to attack one another and
b) to work together on projects that will enhance the Wiccan image and presence in the temporal world.
There is no attempt on the part of the Association to control anyone else’s spirituality or to issue orders from On High. Any Wiccan church can apply for membership–and will be accepted provided they show that they harm none and are ethical in their behavior.

The Association meeting discussed milestones in a neophyte’s life and path.
1. We agreed that the sealing-and-blessing is the first milestone, wherein the Community commits to looking after the neophyte. This can happen at any age, though everyone agreed that they prefer it happen earlier rather than later.
2. The next milestone (which some call a first-degree initiation and others a dedication) is that in which the neophyte announces their wish to become a member of the Wiccan Community, and states what they are willing to bring to the Community. This is the complement of the first milestone, in that it is the neophyte’s promise to support the Community.
3. Plans are in the works to articulate agreed definitions for further milestones in the life of Wiccans.

We just thought you’d like to know.

Blessed be those who seek.


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