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The question often asked is: Why are we here? Wicca offers a remarkably simple answer, namely: We are here to learn and to grow. The growth is in our awareness: some might call it our consciousness.
We believe that every living thing has some level of awareness, even if only the awareness of how to reproduce or how to avoid danger. The most elemental living organism gains awareness by simply being alive. After it dies, that awareness (or, if you like, its spirit) reincarnates at a level slightly more advanced or complicated, and thus is able to have more experiences and gain more awareness. We could say, its spirit grows. The process of life/death/growth continues as the elemental being develops through many levels and eventually inhabits a body suitable for the level we know as homo sapiens. We are not willing to say that homo sapiens is the highest life form on this planet–or elsewhere in the multiverse–but just for now let’s say that it might be.
The spirit that inhabits you has been many things. At the human level it starts with lower awareness and gradually develops more. In Wicca we have a tendency to say that because the female has the opportunity of giving birth and of nurturing a child, she has the opportunity to gain more awareness than does the male.
It behooves us to gain awareness by experiencing as many different things as possible during each incarnation. That may take the form of several different jobs in several different levels of prosperity; it may take the form of several different relationships. The old-fashioned Abrahamic idea of one man and one woman being married and experiencing only each other for a whole lifetime is contrary to the spirit’s need to gain awareness and experiences. … Unprofitable … stultified/ stultifying?? And overall a non-win?
The feelings of love and comfort must be some of the most important in the development of a full awareness of the meaning of your existence. We do not mean that you can’t be firmly committed to one other person, but nor do we mean that you should forever endure a relationship so archaic and rigid.
Once you have completed all your assignments and have gone on, it is generally believed that you meld with other spirits to become a larger awareness. Such an awareness may inhabit some other life form than human, perhaps in another sphere or realm of existence; then once it has cleansed itself of individuality and selfishness, it may re-join the Ultimate Great Spirit.
There’s more. From being a part of the Great Spirit tiny pieces are continually separating, once more to inhabit life forms at the lowest level and repeat anew the cycle of growth. Thus we say that the whole system is just a method of growth and awareness. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s obvious, once you extract it from the billowing clouds of piled-on guilt, shame, and fear. It’s a game everyone can play. Don’t cut off your chances at growth by following the teachings of any one self-appointed guru or moldy old book. Don’t follow even us and our ideas.
Examine the claims. Ask yourself, Cui bono? Who stands to gain if I follow this path?
Blessed be Gavin and Yvonne


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