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Why Bomb Women’s Clinics?
Some possible causes can be imputed to the woman-haters:
1. Male monotheistic jujus are impotent to carry out their own vicious woman-hating crusade.
2. Male monotheistic jujus aren’t moving fast enough themselves to suit the bombers’ perception of the holy thundered diktats.
3. The bombers hate and fear and envy women: women’s power; their innate, unconscious,instinctive altruism; the high regard in which family members and others thus hold them. The bombers want the high regard without the nuisance of earning it.
4. The bombers feel themselves losing the millennia’s worth of iron control they’ve held over women through brute strength.
5. The bombers’ testosterone is running low.
6. Male bombers will never find themselves knocked up with nowhere to turn, so they don’t have to care. Tra-la.
7. Female bombers have bought into the alpha-male attitude, signing on because it saves the trouble of thinking. And misery loves company.
8. The bombers can’t keep their noses out of my crotch.
9. The bombers care nothing for this ravaged planet and the despoliation wrought on it by human activity, most especially the promiscuous reproduction of low-grade human beings. Witness the self-appointed mouthpieces of the jujus and the thunderings of said mouthpieces thundering despite all evidence to the contrary, “If you want to get to heaven, you’ll never entertain the idea of contraception.” (Can you say, “Quality, not quantity”, guys ?)
10. If male persons want to be confident they will never be responsible for an unwanted pregnancy and never prompt any woman to want an abortion, they need only make an appointment at the nearest veterinarian’s office for a half-hour procedure ensuring that they themselves will no longer be able to cause any further pregnancy.


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