I want to become a witch. Where do I start?

Welcome to Wicca!

You are on the cusp of a great adventure. While we hope you take it with us, but we know that you might find a group that resonates more deeply with you.  Investigate what we offer here as you begin your journey.

Read a Book

Read a book written by an established author, there are many available. It’s not hard. There are recommended books here. Other sites like Amazon or Weiser Books that can also help you get started. You need to read something written by an established person detailing information about the sabbats, for example.


Dedicate yourself to the path of your chosen God-ess by the light of the New Moon. Get naked, dance around a candle or a small (safe) fire, seek joy and harm none. Most prefer a personal relationship with their faith not dictated by others where they can join in larger group events once in a while.

There are so many paths with Pagan/Wicca that you will find that your understanding becomes more subtle over time. The best thing you can do today is to start.

    • Light a candle during a quiet time of the day and say to yourself:
    • Lit green candle on green background
      • I dedicate myself to the pure white light of the God-ess
      • Nothing but good shall go from me, nothing but good shall come to me.
      • As I will, so mote it be.
    • Journal, meditate, grow herbs, make jewelry, do yoga, volunteer in your community, track the lunar calendar
    •  Find a place to start and just begin

Take Our Courses

Take one of our courses or watch one of our videos. I believe our courses are in manageable doses and it was completely up to me whether or not this continues after my father passed away. Guess what, as a well-educated adult, I still believe there is something of value present here. You will empower yourself to be ready to work with covens and work on your own.

  • We offer experience, teaching since 1968.
  • We published. 20+ books over time covering a vast array of subjects. Gavin and Yvonne celebrated the written word over many other ideas. Some books have higher quality than others. You will quickly learn what works for you.
  • We offer 7 courses, expanding our offerings over time. The courses are designed to take a year and a day for a person to gain deeper understanding.

Attend a Festival


Tuatha Drum Circle with Children
Tuatha Drum Circle with Children

Attend a festival. The ultimate festival is Burning Man, but that takes a lot of experience and preparation. We attend festivals at Brushwood Folklore Center and I am investigating expanding our travel schedule. You may be able to find Events shared on your social media. We also encourage caution at public events. People have had their jobs threatened after pictures have appeared of an employee attending a pagan festival. Some are clothing optional. Do what feels comfortable for you.

Find a Coven

Find a coven. Great for people who like to interact. BE CAREFUL. We do have a networking option through our social media, but what we have found after 50 years of working with the public is

    • People have ulterior motives
    • Illicit or illegal substances may be present
    • Some person, who you do not know well, will ask you to do something that will make you feel uncomfortable. DON’T DO IT!!!!
      • HOW DO I KNOW THIS???? Daily phone calls would start with, “I did a blood ritual with someone I don’t like now and I’m afraid of this thing or that thing.”
      • TRUST YOUR GUT and don’t do the damn thing you are uncomfortable with.
      • Consult, and be willing to pay, an expert after you do the damn stupid thing
    • Not all covens/groups are bad, but many are. Think of social media trolls with candles, incense and books of shadows and you are just starting to envision what we have dealt with for years.

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