Update on Gavin’s Health, April 22 2011 CE – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

Hello, tout le monde.
     Some of you know by now that Gavin underwent spinal surgery on April 20. The MRI findings had led us all to believe that it would be a fairly simple and straightforward operation. Unfortunately it turned out to be more complicated than anyone expected, even our brilliant neurosurgeon (Life, Health, Prosperity, as they used to wish Pharaoh). Apparently a low-down disk had been out of alignment for some long period of time and had been rubbing against the dura, the casing (that may resemble a membrane, tissue-thin) of the spinal cord. The fluid contained in the dura surrounds and floats the main nerve bundle. Actually the misaligned disk had partially shredded the dura; so the dura itself had to be reconstructed during the operation.*
     Thus Gavin was actually on the table for 2 ½ hours; whereas the procedure would normally have been expected to take half an hour. Further, it meant that he had to stay in hospital an extra day. At 80 years old, a single extra day isn’t all that bad … compared to some of the cases we saw while we were trotting up and down hospital hallways.
    So now a problem crops up. To wit: Gavin is forbidden to ride in vehicles, let alone drive them, for the next four weeks. After that time, we’re just trying to keep our expectations loose and to assume nothing. This means that the Frosts will not be able to attend even simple events such as our accustomed weekly Unitarian-Universalist meetings, only 40 miles away. Events more distant, such as Florida Pagan Gathering (one of our favorite annual events), have also got to be cancelled, much to our disappointment and regret–purely on a selfish level. Since we’re going to be confined to the house, we may post a few extra blogs or something, or even get the next book under way.
    Don’t worry. This event is not contagious. You’ll have your own challenges to face as those ol’ sands of time pour through the bottleneck. But if you feel like mentioning our names to your Friends in Management, we’ll be grateful to you and to Them for thinking in our behalf.

– – – – – – – – –

* All the above is Yvonne’s attempt to describe medical matters of which she has the scantest knowledge and understanding.


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