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Call me befuddled. From time to time we hear of how an ethnic group known as Uighurs are persecuted and bullied by the Chinese government. Apparently the Uighurs long to be something apart from the official Chinese communist government in Beijing, and Beijing won’t let ’em go. As we understand it from reporters on BBC America’s newscasts,
* Chinese army troops are stationed long-term in one of the westernmost provinces of China,
* geographically closer to Baghdad than they are to Beijing.
* The troops constantly are shooting dead, beating, and imprisoning menbers of the Uighur population–elderly, children, women, what have you–
* at enormous expense in military wages, ammunition and equipment, and who knows what else –for the fact that said population resents the Chinese presence.
* Uighurs are largely Muslim, not communist or whatever other “faith” they are officially supposed to espouse.
* Uighurs and Chinese communists hate each other for the above reasons and probably for many others which the BBC reporters are not allowed air time to enumerate.
I don’t understand. Can someone suggest a rational grounds on which China clutches that population and those square meters of land, refusing to let it go, either
(a) to independence or
(b) to affiliation with some other contiguous nation
I’d be grateful for some fact that would help me understand such behaviors.
Blessed be. Yvonne


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