Travel Plans, Spring and Summer 2013CE – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

Greetings Y’all.
Gavin’s health is sufficiently recovered that we now feel able to travel. At present our travel plans include Florida Pagan Gathering in Ocala National Forest early in May (see below).
         Additionally we plan to go to Sirius Rising and SummerFest at Brushwood Folklore Center outside Sherman, NY, 30 miles east of Erie, PA. We expect to be away a little more than two weeks for this one, because we are committed as well to a prison visit in the Finger Lakes district of NY State.
         Students who have been a while with the School of Wicca will see that once again their mail will be delayed while we are on these adventures. We don’t know how many more such annual trips we’ll be able to accomplish, but we plan to continue as long as we can, in case there are people we haven’t yet offended. We feel it is especially important to meet again with other old-timers while they too are still able to travel. Example: We are most pleased that Margot Adler has agreed to come to Sirius Rising. We’ve known and admired her since the days when we were running our pig farm (the early ’70s) in rural Missouri.
     We’d love to cross paths with all of you at one or both of the gatherings, Florida and/or New York. We believe sincerely that single voices speaking out for the Craft can do a lot of good; but if we could form real alliances, then the groups could speak with more authority and be genuinely taken note of.
    Gathering Dates, and Location Details

  Florida Pagan Gathering  May 1 – 5 Ocala Nat’l Forest see:
  Sirius Rising  July 15 – 21 Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman NY
  SummerFest July 22 – 28 Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman NY
For both Sirius Rising and SummerFest see:

See y’all there.            BB Gavin and Yvonne


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