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Cancer is a terrible disease. More and more of our friends seem to have got it.
Curiously, our blog too is suffering from a cancerous illness, simply because some self-appointed individuals have decided that they should put a cancer of unrelated pathetic ‘replies’ into the blog so that people with genuine questions and comments cannot read it for themselves. For that cancer there is a simple cure: use the USPS.
Now. About physical cancer, not the spiritual kind. Edgar Cayce, described as the sleeping prophet–more accurately, the entity that used his body to give information to his supporters
–recommended three (3) raw almonds as an essential part of anyone’s daily routine.
Yvonne recalls the era when everyone was going to Mexico after laetrile to cure their own cancer. Incidentally, our own physician took this cure many years ago and is still free of cancer. Laetrile, we were told, is derived from apricot pits. Being a bookish sort, she referred to the Encyclopedia Britannica to ascertain whether there is any real-world relationship between apricots and almonds. What do you think? They’re on adjacent twigs of the botanical tree. Thank you, Saint Edgar Cayce.
Let’s all work together to recall the Law of Attraction, to avoid both physical and spiritual cancer. Let’s ingest three raw almonds every day. And as you take breath to utter criticism of us Frosts, take time to recall the Law of Attraction. Remember always that hate begets hate and destroys the body’s immune system.
So let it be.


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