Dare to get beyond the rumors, hearsay, and vicious accusations. Investigate for yourself, and learn the truth about the Frosts, the Church of Wicca, the School of Wicca, and the Craft.


  • To educate those in authority concerning the Craft and its beliefs.
  • To remove negative Wiccan stereotypes through their work in the media.
  • To participate in and promote Pagan Pride Day internationally.
  • To explore other spiritual realities.
  • To debunk popular myth and stereotypes.
  • To work for equal rights for Witches and the Craft.


  • Formed in 1968. The first Wiccan Church.
  • In 1972 gained federal recognition of Witchcraft as a religion.
  • First to use “Wicca” to describe the religion of Witchcraft.
  • Longest-lived church of Wicca in the world, with 38 consecutive Samhain observances.
  • In 1985 convinced a federal appeals court that Wicca was a religion equal to any other.
  • Convinced the IRS that Wiccan churches did not have to keep financial records, just like other churches.


  • First Craft correspondence school.
  • Reached one million pieces of outgoing mail in one year in 1978.
  • Helped write the State of Washington Prisoner’s Handbook for Wicca.
  • Has brought more than 500,000 people to the Craft.
  • Students enrolled by January 1, 2016: 59,710