The Catastrophy at Newtown – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

The unthinkable act at Newtown, gunning down at least 20 innocent children and at least eight innocent adults, will cause the usual uproar and hanky-twisting about gun control. Perhaps a couple of new laws will be noisily enacted restricting the right of a few of the more obvious psychopaths to own guns. But history teaches us that anyone who wants a gun–especially in the United States–can get one.
There’s another control method, though: one that works successfully in England. That is:
ammunition control. You cannot buy ammunition for revolvers or handguns without a permit. Even the parts and pieces necessary for reloading require permits. If ammunition control were to go into effect in the United States today, then gradually the existing ammunition would be used up and gun control would become effectively unnecessary. Even St. Billy Graham might start sleeping without a gun within hand’s reach. If we then pushed neighboring nations to enact similar legislation, we would overcome the massacres that occur continually in Mexico, and would even reduce Canada’s gun murder rate, already low.
The firearm murder rate in the United States is twenty-two (22) times the rate in England.
It has been said that it’s an attitude to violence that causes the statistics to be so different between England and the United States; however, statistics show that violence is just as prevalent in England as it is in the United States. The big difference is the firearm murder rate. The Brits see the same violent TV shows that we see; and many of us have historical family roots in England, so it’s not a matter of DNA. The big difference is the availability of ammunition. You can’t fire a gun without a shell. So let’s push for immediate control of ammunition; what do you say?
Then the gun advocates can fondle their trophy weapons all day long, but they’ll be inoperative. Viagra, anyone?


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