Thank you ann marie

Thank you, Ann-Marie.

As you all know, the Frosts’ appearance at FPG 2016 had become controversial. Nevertheless, we felt it was time to test the waters by going back to FPG to see whether the old scars were still present. Unfortunately, our names were listed in a first draft of the program–which was not meant for general distribution.
Thanks to Ann-Marie, the gates of Camp la Llanada were not closed against us. We were greeted with a friendly welcome by everyone we met and we were made to feel thoroughly at home. The only public appearance we did was in the honoring– make that saging–of Max Maya. There we said a few words of gratitude for his work in the Community.
We also gave three semi-private presentations with the support of Mystic Moon Church of Wicca.
Regrettably Gavin became ill on the last night of the gathering, so he could not personally thank everyone. Thanks are especially due, of course, to Lady Rae and to Ann-Marie as well as to Dennis and Bobbi Jo Smith, indeed to the whole group at Mystic Moon.
We look forward to crossing paths again with y’all.
Blessed be. Gavin and Yvonne

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    By Aradia| May 20, 2016 |

    Paige do not be paranoid! Do not work about law enforcement! We are enforcement! We have our tentacles very deep in this country and around the world! We can be together and if you like just as friends and you can help me finish our movie "The Early Years" I would rather collaborate on this cinematic event with you. I can do a lot more than delete posts. I can push the delete button on this planet! It is our destiny to be close friends again. I have traced my ancestry back 400 years and I am part Russian but not 100% like you. We are not totally compatible as you are a Capricorn and I Aquarian but we are compatible enough to move mountains. We were giants in another lifetime walking as lovers in the Caucasus Mountains and one day if not today you will remember and believe. One day we will be just like Gavin and Yvonne Frost and perhaps spread the word of our magical craeft. Just try it you will like it I promise.

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    By Aradia| May 20, 2016 |

    To be honest if I have to relocate to Moscow to prove my point to this moronic bass ackards politically correct country. I do not think the audiences in America will like the 3RD Act and final scenes of "The Early Years". To speak metaphorically you need to "talk me down off the ledge!"… Well contemplate what I have said. And have a great Frigga Day. Blessed Be.

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    By Aradia| May 20, 2016 |

    Well have it your way Paige I have not heard my phone ring so I will be planning my trip to Moscow. I have a long row to hoe and need to get my ducks in a row first but to be honest I have patience and plenty of fortitude for the tasks ahead. In the opening credits for our film "The Early Years" the first woman presidents college experience. I will say this film is dedicated to the Church And School Of Wicca…Paige Dembicks Mclaurin…Mr Vladimir Putin…The Native Americans 500 Nations…The Sons Of The Confederacy…The Peoples Republic Of China…This film will not be politically correct by any stretch of the imagination…not by a long shot. The next clip before the first scene rolls will say. For The Glory Of Mother Russia! See I am a nice fun guy by nature but I am getting old and losing my patience with you and this country. You want it you got it babe. If things go as planned a few? riots will break out after distribution to hundreds of theaters. My movie will show a assassination attempt? on the Pope and many dark things will transpire. Think about it. Originally I wanted it to be rated PG 13 for vast audiences…I wanted to show the power of love… but I am getting bored and cant see this happening anymore…Do you think after they see your name in the credits you will feel safe and happy in your world?Well since you dont want me in it that is not my problem is it? Please do not waste your time one more iota trying to sue or otherwise defame me. I can delete this post quickly enough before it gets too viral. See I am already starting to feel regret about it but I will let you read it.

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    By Aradia| May 20, 2016 |

    Wow this is amazing I just pulled a Tarot card for Jo Bronwyn Frost and it was The Lovers! I look forward to meeting your new beau Jo!

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    By Aradia| May 20, 2016 |

    Happy Frigga and Freya Day to my best friend till the end of time. Paige Mclaurin and her husband Dr. Robert Love Mclaurin. Paige the best realtor on the planet and the sweetest girl in the universe has posted a funny Pagan post at her Paige Mclaurin Realtor FACEBOOK page. You go girl now your getting with the program and have "snapped into a Slim Jim" A friendly and warm "Scotland Forever" to Dr. Bob and to Yvonne Stone Mason Frost!

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