Thank you Ann Marie – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

Thank you, Ann-Marie.

As you all know, the Frosts’ appearance at FPG 2016 had become controversial. Nevertheless, we felt it was time to test the waters by going back to FPG to see whether the old scars were still present. Unfortunately, our names were listed in a first draft of the program–which was not meant for general distribution.
Thanks to Ann-Marie, the gates of Camp la Llanada were not closed against us. We were greeted with a friendly welcome by everyone we met and we were made to feel thoroughly at home. The only public appearance we did was in the honoring– make that saging–of Max Maya. There we said a few words of gratitude for his work in the Community.
We also gave three semi-private presentations with the support of Mystic Moon Church of Wicca.
Regrettably Gavin became ill on the last night of the gathering, so he could not personally thank everyone. Thanks are especially due, of course, to Lady Rae and to Ann-Marie as well as to Dennis and Bobbi Jo Smith, indeed to the whole group at Mystic Moon.
We look forward to crossing paths again with y’all.
Blessed be. Gavin and Yvonne


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