Temple Prostitutes – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

All right. Get over your gasp of horror. Get used to a novel idea: the idea that people in ancient times who wanted their parishioners to have a good experience in the temple were smart enough to know that (a) one way to promote a good experience was to get them relaxed, and (b) one way to promote relaxation was to get them laid.
Thus we find that in temples to Aphrodite in Greece the ladies of the town took turns in being available to service worshippers coming to the temples. It seems to us that this is probably a good idea, because in the ordinary way of things, men are the causes of more disruption than ladies are; however, it does seem to be somewhat one-sided. We don’t know whether there was an arrangement in which male youths serviced the ladies. Considering human nature realistically, it seems that it would be quite probable in such worship centers. This may be why some dionysian rites (for example) have remained secret.

The offshoot of the ladies servicing multiple partners, of course, was a broadening of the gene pool and a reduction in the rate of birth defects. It has been found in such closed communities as the Amish that a reduction in birth defects can easily be achieved by allowing the ladies a little more sexual freedom.
So get rid of the gasping; figure that the ancients knew what they were doing. Ask yourself: Why don’t we still do it? Is it just that the elderly rulers of the abrahamic religions could no longer get it up? Could it be that they unconsciously thought, “If I can’t do it any more, I don’t want anybody else to do it either!” ? Did they ever think, “These young bucks put me in the shadow. Wait! I know! I’ll start a war and get rid of ’em all.” ?


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