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New Thoughts on the New Moon –Wicca Can Offer Hope

Oh wow, I had a different thought in draft form, but I was discouraged by a response that seems lacking. What do I do when I see a need...

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New Thoughts on the New Moon — Protection

New Thoughts on the New Moon, February 2020 — Protection Weekly inquiries come in about protection. The latest ones arriving say things like, “I have a banshee, what do...

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New Thoughts on the New Year: Welcome 2018

New Year’s Resolutions: It is a time for New Year’s Resolutions and making positive changes in our lives. The calendar New Year is a common time for making resolutions....

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Ulf Söderberg – Nordvinterögon

From the Tidvatten source

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Staying out of Trouble — From the Gavin Archives 2007

Communication About Being IN Trouble Letters arrive at the School of Wicca stating, “When I was first exploring Wicca in my teens, my teacher insisted that I must __...

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