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Guest Blog — The Wisdom of the Herbs — Spring Ahead

  By Teri “Cricket” Owens RN, BSN, MS Common Threads Earth connected spirituality comes in many forms for a reason.  East Indian philosopher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh once remarked that...

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New Thoughts on the New Moon — Protection

New Thoughts on the New Moon, February 2020 — Protection Weekly inquiries come in about protection. The latest ones arriving say things like, “I have a banshee, what do...

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New Thoughts on the New Moon — Capricorn Eclipse

While I’m never short of ideas for a blog, I am short of time. Working full-time, caring for my family, and attempting to do some self-care leaves little time...

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New Thoughts on the New Moon — Wicca Words, Part 1

Gavin and Yvonne were (are) devoted to the English language in an uncommon way. There is a language for Pagans and Wiccans, a jargon — Wicca words. There are...

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New Thoughts on the New Moon — Hello, Good-Bye and Welcome Change

Change “We’re not going to take it anymore….” was the chant heard through the halls of the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston, WV, in February 2018. Yvonne, “putting...

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cui bono

Once Upon a Time, Gavin and Yvonne wrote a Paragraph Once again a handful of self-appointed pagans are criticizing The Witch’s Bible, and its daughter book, Good Witch’s Bible,...

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