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Okay, we’re back–temporarily, at least. This season we’re responding to more and more requests for presentations. Florida Pagan Gathering, Sirius Rising (New York State), and Kaleidoscope Gathering 20 in Ontario : all were wonderful festivals. Those who do not attend miss a lot of spiritual growth, a genuine glimpse of an alternative reality, a chance to kick back for more than the 20-minute downtimes of the workaday world.
Soon we will be running off in all directions again. The season is far from over.
Looking over recent mail, we get the impression that people are once again getting confused by the words the conventional religions use to promulgate their paradigm and their agenda. In that paradigm there are lots of things that you are not allowed to investigate. Such experiences are labeled, for instance, supernatural, paranormal, abnormal, or even mental illness. For endless centuries, ever since the Axial Age when dominating male gods took over from goddesses, we in the western world have been taught that we must avoid all those terrible devilish manifestations–although such manifestations occur in every culture of the real world.
Now here’s what we call a reality smack.

There is no such thing as paranormal or supernatural. Everything in the world is natural. Do not fall into the trap of avoiding investigation of these valid experiences because some authority figure has told you they are off-limits.
This is exactly the problem we experience with the abrahamic gods and creation. “You must not investigate that. It’s God”, we’re told. The off-warding hand is accompanied by tone and expression of chin-trembling piety.
Hmm. Pardon me. Why can’t I investigate it? The juju will smack me down if I look behind the curtain?
You owe it to yourself to explore possibilities, and to develop your own faculties to accomplish that exploration. You should welcome experiences that allow you more comprehension of the mundane and the spiritual worlds in which we live : both the physical / temporal world of the here-now and the altered-state world of astral planes. We urge you to pay attention to impressions you receive in meditation. Most of them will be helpful; though occasionally, if your Guide is of a different era, you may want to avoid such suggestions as washing your clothes at the river bank. Recall, though, that the Guide has gone to great trouble to get the information to you. I’m afraid they probably must drink themselves to sleep at night when we behave as we do and tangle ourselves in our own underwear.
If we declare our personal independence from the influence of dominator priesthoods, if we open our minds to the guidance available, we can more closely approach the ideal of getting through the currrent incarnation with maximum growth and minimum pain.
Blessed be. See you at a festival. We’ll publish the autumn itinerary next week.


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