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The concluding part of our long blog on spirituality is delayed. We would very much like those who have been following the blog to read the comments of Ayn Soph on Spirituality 3, because s/he summarizes a lot of what we were going to say in Spirituality 4. Thus we are going to rewrite Installment 4; but in order to understand it, you really will need to read Installment 3 and the comments thereto. Give us a couple of days.
Meantime tremendous gratitude to Ayn Soph. Yvonne says,
The words may be simple, but it’s heavy s**t.

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    Ayn Soph Aur| March 29, 2010 |

    Dear Gavin and Yvonne,

    I apologize for causing the need for a revision to your blog post. When I begin writing, I am never sure where it will go – and when I commented on your previous post, I got caught up and just went to town.

    I greatly appreciate your blog and the sharing of your thoughts. I have been a fan of your published works since 1983 and have been truly grateful for your contributions to the Craft, magic and paganism. My own mentor is also very appreciative of your works and agrees with much of what you have written. Once more, thank you – for your integrity, fearlessness and work for the Craft over the years.

    And – to answer an implied question in your post – I am a male. 🙂

    Blessed be

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    Every Day Woman| March 29, 2010 |

    I have been reading your blog at any chance I get for probably about a month now, and I have quite enjoyed reading about your travels, experiences, and thoughts. I agree with much that I have read so far on your blog, and I first wanted to thank you for your words of thought and belief on this blog.

    I was reading your blogs so far on spirituality followed by the comments on them. I was raised in a very strict LDS(The Church of Jesus Christ for Latter-day Saints for those who are unfamiliar with it) and I was always taught both through the LDS church and the schools(because I was born and raised in Utah) that the physical body and your spiritual form were two totally different things and only when they are together do you live, and when they separate from eachother is when you die. I think that this is an all too vauge and too easily misunderstood explaination of the two.

    All the stuff I have read from this blog has really got me to thinking about this, and this is what I have come up with so far as a personal opinion. I see "the body" and "the spirit" as one and the same. To better explain this, I see each as being one half of the whole self that each of us are in this world throughout our lives. As a result, I think separating the two scientifically is extremely hard, if not impossible. We can understand bits and pieces of each, but the combination of the two is what is the most clear to see and understand.

    I think we do all have complete free-will per say, but I think it is the social and natural laws that help us to gives humans the structure we need to live in harmony as a human race and as a society. I also think most of us all too often do not see all the inevitable reactions to our actions, therefore blinding us into thinking we have no choice. But I think there is always a choice, even if those choices are to do something, or to do nothing. I believe true spirituality is seen when we represent ourselves, in one way or another, through a truly heart felt act of loving kindness.

    My belief is a person's life is truly shaped, defined, and remembered by not only how we live our lives, but how much we change other people's lives and how many lives we touch and/or change. I am an aspiring author, and I hope to become rich from it so I can give that money back to those who need it most to turn their lives around. I think riches can go both ways to a person's spirituality. It can make us more spiritual because we use it to give back, or it can make us less spiritual because we get greedy and therefore find ourselves never satisfied and willing to do anything to increase our riches.

    I am sure there are many things I have yet to learn and understand about our bodies and spirits, but this is my feelings about the body and spirit as well as my comments to what has been said right now. I only hope some people out there are able to find at least some words of wisdom in these very simple, and still trying to learn more, words.

    Blessed Be

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