Dowsing Rod Kit



Have you ever heard of a Water Witch? Look at your palm and close it a little bit, not all the way. If you can see a “W” in the lines of your hand, then you are a natural for dowsing, and can sometimes just pick up any old stick to help guide you in your dowsing. Count your blessings. If, like the rest of us, that “W” does not appear, then a little help from specially in tune metal will help you with your dowsing techniques. This kit includes two copper sleeves and two brass rods. You will bend the rods at an angle comfortable to you, to place within the copper sleeves, and then focus on what you wish to find. The rods might act a little unfocused at first as you begin to learn your skill, but an easy way to understand what dowsing feels like is to take the rods and run them where you know a water line already runs. Your rods should respond to that presence immediately. Then you will know what it feels like as well as the rods’ behavior when you find what you are looking for when you dowse with our helpful kit.


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