School FAQ


We are on a learning curve. Be patient and please let us know if you don’t receive a response within a week.

Each lecture is follwed by a questionnaire consiting of two parts: one for students who are taking the course out of curiosity, and an add-on for those who are thinking of working toward initiation into Wicca as their spiritual path. Answer the part which applies to your wishes.

We stock all merchandise. Everything depends on the UPS service in your area. If that is not prompt in your case, please let us know.

PayPal, cash, or check in US$, to PO Box 297, Hinton, WV 25951

We are currently digitizing all our content. Hard copies of any course you may wish to take are available.

The School is not open to visitors. We encourage you to come to various festivals where the Frosts speak. There we will be happy to meet you in person. Watch this site for current plans. The next festival where we will travel will be Brushwood ( This will be in mid-July in upstate New York, not that far from Erie PA. Meet other seekers.

No, never. The principle of ministerial confidentiality has been strictly observed from Day One onward. That is the reason for our use of student numbers in our records.

The School is a subsidiary (the teaching arm) of the Church. As such, donations and student fees are tax-deductible.

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For a single course, a Certificate of Completion. For Essential Witchcraft plus Advanced Witchcraft, a Master’s Certificate. For Master’s level plus Healing, Prediction, and Tantra with a full initiation, a Doctorate.

Arrangements can normally be made with groups in several east-coast locations. Failing this, initiations occur at Brushwood Folklore Center during their festival Sirius Rising, each mid-July