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Hi, guys and girls.

We will get back to work on blog-think eventually. This is just to tell you that the Witches’ Ball in Radford VA, set for October 30, has been canceled. You’ll just have to do what we do : dress up like Christians and go trick-or-treating. Have fun. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do. BB GY

Yvonne’s PS If you have scheduled on October 31 a spiritual-type event in observance for Samhain, don’t come within range of my sticklerism and codger-hood or I’ll give you a real reality-smack. You’re scheduling your observance by some pope’s calendar??! Do what I do. Consult the Old Farmer’s Almanac in your bathroom and observe that this year’s full moon nearest October 31 occurs on October 22. THAT’s when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. That’s when I hope you will open your spirit to whatever the Guides and Elder Ones choose to let you have.

Do have pleasure in the spiritual experience that may come. BB


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