Sava, Winter`s Eve – Music –

Folk project of Birgit Muggenthaler (Schandmaul) and Oliver “SaTyr” Pade (Faun)

Twas on a cold winters evening
When first came down the snow
Over hills and lofty mountains
The stormy winds did blow

A damsel she came tripping down
All in a drift of snow
With a baby in her arms
She knew not where to go

She says my pretty pretty baby
I’ll warn you to my breast
For little does your father
Know how sore we are distressed

That dark and stormy was the night
That pierced my heart with cold
And cruel was that false young man
Who sold his heart for gold

She kissed her baby’s cold lips
And laid it by her side
Turning her blue eyes to heaven
They both laid down and died



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