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More on Cleansing Amulets
A couple of people have commented that they prefer to use the smoke of sage to cleanse amulets: to smudge them instead of administering a thermal shock. In our experience (though it’s admittedly finite), if the article is not of animal origin, then saging has little or no effect on the vibes of psychic energy imbedded in it. It is obvious that you can’t put a person into an oven and then freeze them to cleanse them, and in the case of individuals saging seems to work–though we are not sure that this is what really happens. Whether the worker is looking visually, sensing through psychic impressions, hearing the aura, or whatever is the method du jour, “reading” the auras of human subjects (a) before and (b) after saging, scant difference if any is perceptible.
We two have come to think that perhaps people who are exposed to a saged individual or object expect a change and then duly perceive it.
Some Wiccans follow the old practice of bathing in salt water before they attend a ritual. There does seem to be a perceptible difference in the aura of people who have had such baths. Experimentally we have seen that if you start with a very hot bath to which lavender essence has been added, and if you finish by salting the water, you will effect a change in your aura.
Inerestingly, Gavin’s grandfather used to add a quarter-cup of hydrochloric acid to the final rinse of his bath. There is a good medical reason for such a practice: Soap is alkaline–whereas the body likes to keep the skin acidic. Thus the small amount of acid added to the rinsewater is very helpful in reducing the body’s alkalinity.
You can try this little experiment in the interest of research:
1. Get some small pebbles. When you are very angry (perhaps having just read about Congress’ output of the day) put that anger-energy into three or four of them. Then ask someone to psychometrize the whole collection, one at a time. A sensitive will easily identify the pebbles that have been exposed to anger.
2. Next sage all the pebbles and take them back to the psychic for identification. In every case we have tried, the psychic still identified the “angry” pebbles.
Alternatively, you can try washing the pebbles in salt water. Again, in our experiments the angry pebbles could still be identified.
Clearly this area needs some investigation. If you have a group, why don’t you try various methods of psychic cleansing and publish the results? The world could use some non-gasping, objective work such as this would be: free of blue balls of fire and free of heavy hoodoos.
Keep your head in gear.
Blessed be. Gavin and Yvonne


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