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Our philosophy is evolving with the times:

Children in a Group Outside at Sunset
Children in a Group Outside at Sunset

The Church and School of Wicca, has, for years, encouraged families to raise their children as they see fit. We respect what families choose to do within the boundaries of spiritual growth. We have never believed in pushing children into, or out of the Craft. I was taught that I could choose what religious path that I wished to follow as an adult. What I witnessed as a child growing up within the Wiccan movement is that a lot of people misinterpreted this as being unwelcoming to children. Others used this attitude to their advantage to have private “adult” only retreats to the exclusion of children. Folks, children are the future of our Wiccan, pagan, or other esoteric path. This behavior does not build your faith base. Excluding members of your family or community is harmful, and lest I beat a dead horse, surprise: it violates the Rede.

We believe strongly that the adult caregiver should supervise any and all interaction for their child’s spiritual growth. Be it through an organized public church or what you are doing privately at home, this is not the time to set your child in front of a screen to allow that child to explore.


While we build a safe space for children, we have vetted these resources for you to share with your children while you are newly home. Please feel free to share resources that you have found helpful below in the comment section also. Thank you for being patient as we evolve with the times! Following our basic tenets, we are learning too. Blessed be!


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