Raflum – Forgotten Woods in Autumn’s Silence (Full EP)

“Raflum, a Dark Folk project from China, has finished its first EP. This release includes 7 tracks Raflum made during the year 2009 to 2010. Being inspired by the revering to the woods, Raflum fills its works with dark emotions from the bottom of heart. In this Ep, you can hear the influence from Empyrium,Vail and Ulver.”


1.The wandering rain 02:07
2.Early Morning 04:09
3.Beside The Lake 04:45
4.Falling Autumn 01:54
5.Sound Through Buried Forest 04:18
6.Nightfall 02:05
7.Twilight Mizzle 04:59

Released 10 December 2011.
All rights reserved to Raflum and Pest Productions.
Listen/buy it at:


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