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Look, Guys and Gals.
We may be psychic; we may be magicians. But we’re human. We simply can’t respond to all your questions one at a time. The new lecture-workshop that we are offering wherever we appear, entitled “Gavin and Yvonne Tell All”, offers a forum to express your views and to ask those questions. What if someone much smarter with electronics than we are were to film a typical Q & A session and were to post it on (for example) youtube?
We ask that the questions and answers be posted in their entirety. To that end we will keep our own record of the session.
As you know, we conduct a correspondence school. Its tuition-paying students get preference in having their questions answered. Sometimes even they get short-changed, simply because of that four-letter word, Life, and its conflicting priorities.
We will try to answer a maximum of ten E questions per week when we are at home. They must be reasonable questions that are not ad hominem attacks, snide remarks, irrelevant queries about members of our extended family–or, for that matter, our opinions about other members of the pagan/Wiccan fraternity.
The most prevalent question recently has been, “Why did you write ‘Good Witch’s Bible’?”
We wrote it in response to complaints about “THE Witch’s Bible”, which was the very first handbook of the new religion of Wicca. We discussed and fine-tuned the revisions that became GWB with the 200-plus people who attended the Council of American Witches called by Carl Weschcke in Minneapolis in 1974. From that council came The Principles of Wiccan Belief, which we think many of you should read. These principles give a view of the then-community’s opinion. Our recent book “The Bible of Sex Magic and Enlightenment” was written to reflect the actual practice in some covens in the community as we knew it at that time, not the pale, inhibited squabbling ghost it has now become. We strongly suggest that you also read our blog “Quotable Quotes” to see the many things we said that seem to have been overlooked.
Ask any of the oldsters. We had a vision. We didn’t necessarily agree, any two with each other, but we shared the dream of freedom–of cutting each other some slack and developing enlightenment. Freedom from the narrow, artificial “family-values” box extrapolated and carried over intact from people’s Christian backgrounds. Our vision aimed for
Humanity, life, and enlightenment
conflict, war, and destruction.


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