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psychic versus centralized power

Many humans have an instinctive lust to have what they think of as power: to snarl out orders and have everyone within hearing range scramble to obey. One of the biggest dreads on Yvonne’s dread-list indeed is the accumulation and exercise of centralized power.
Where can we find a demonstration of centralized power? Look no further than the Kremlin to see an illustration of CP in the temporal/mundane world. In the world of religion? Hmm. That’s a tough one.
Anyhow, reflect one moment on our most recent blog concerning spirituality versus “real”-world magic. Every human born has one or another form of power. Some have telepathy. Some have far-seeing. Some have the power to heal. Some can read cards. It’s only a matter of research to find the specific power(s) innate in your own self.
Now think a moment. If we get in touch with our own power(s) and exercise them on our own initiative, what happens when we have a precognitive dream? When we heal a child’s skinned knee? When we communicate without electronics with a distant friend? When there’s a “death” in the family? If we do this stuff on our own, what about that clergyman standing there with his hand stuck out? He’s gonna have to get a real job, boys and girls.
No wonder, then, that for centuries conventional clergy have threatened the direst fates they can invent (emphasize: invent) to deprive us of exercising our own innate powers. The powers are “dangerous”? “evil”? “satanic”? I don’t think so.
Blessed be Yvonne


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