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It’s probably a good thing that we two are retired. Our life is chronically so busy that even writing a blog keeps falling off the end of the schedule. And since we’re leaving next weekend for four weeks in Europe, this blog will be the last utterance for another extended period.
What we want to do today is claim precedence for the title Pagan Unity Day. Notice the date of this publication and compare it with the dates of other claims.
Why? Apparently the title Pagan Pride Day has been taken over and cannot be used except with the gracious royal approval of some central authority–an attitude diametrically, violently at odds with the way we believe pagan/Wiccans should act toward each other. With an approach like that one, who needs Pat Robertson? After all, freedom is what we loudly tout in our actions toward each other; non? Yes, of course some people might actually have made a couple of bucks from using the name; though surely such an experience is unique in the world of alternative spiritualities that we Frosts are acquainted with.
So we hereby propose that everyone who wants to run a full pagan/Wiccan information-booth, meet-and-greet kind of day call their event a Pagan Unity Day, or Wiccan Unity Day. After all, our paths are not supposed to decree marching in lockstep, are they?
So who do we think/propose can use “Pagan Unity Day” as a title for their event? For now and forthwith, the answer is: Everyone. And we mean everyone.

The other day we had an interesting discussion abaout anti-discriminatory “statements” along the line of “This letterhead does not discriminate against … ” Well, against what? Against people who don’t enroll in the same credit union we might belong to? Against people who don’t use the same brand of ketchup we use? Against people who butter their toast north-to-south instead of east-to-west? Is it an act of discrimination when we say, “We will not discriminate against gays”? or “lesbians”? or “people with freckles”? Surely the very act of distinguishing and naming such stereotypes means we are ipso facto discriminating, exhibiting an attitude that says, “I’m so desperately tolerant that I won’t discriminate even against those guys, though they’re clearly sub-human and (gasp) different from me”? Whew–what a humanitarian attitude. Let’s all be awed and grateful.
That’s all for now; we’ll see you in October. Or (wow) au revoir jusqu’a l’octobre. Blessed be.
Gavin and Yvonne


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