Overcoming Verbal Diarrhea – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

As I’m sure many of you have noted, our blog is overrun with the verbal diarrhea of third-eye spinning. All that stuff blocks the intended replies of you troops who are interested in such real-world thinking as, for instance, the earliest use of the word Wicca. There seems to be no way of blocking this childishness, so we have to ask you to write your replies to Church of Wicca – PO Box 297-bg Hinton WV 25951. We’ll gratefully publish those incoming thoughts in future blogs.
We hope the creature with obvious two-digit IQs will eventually get bored, and will cease and desist. Be patient. With luck there’ll be another flap on another topic next week, and the whole screaming throng of knuckle-draggers will lurch on down the road … maybe eventually get a life … or (file this under Remote Possibilities) accomplish something useful themselves.

Due to the tenacity of the “psychotic postings” we have dis-allowed any comments at this time. We are very sorry as we do enjoy reading your comments on our blogs — it often gives us food for thought, although random nonsense about Beatles songs and chess in prison only makes us wonder if you need a better doctor.


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