oops We Goofed

The address information for the Witch’s ball in Springfield should have been:
wushih980@yahoo.com or greenleafcoven@yahoo.com
Good to hear from all you old friends and new aquantances including our cuzins. We like plenty of raisins in our bran. Pagan Temple, please come. (a) We like vampires; (b) You can ask your questions in person. How about videoing the answers and putting them on youtube? We are working on your previous questions Honest.
More memories keep flashing in. Probably the biggest ever pagan/Wiccan gathering which we sponsored at the Shoreham Americana in Washington DC–2,000 plus. Casting a circle on network TV Sunday morning after drinking champagne with Sybil Leek and her mother, Al Manning and Brad steiger half the night, everyone feeling a lot of pain. Ah well we wuz young.

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    fenix| September 29, 2007 |

    Yeah, I was REAL young! Like eleven years old! Oh, yeah, and I didn’t have any champagne, either, but all us kids did have fun that night. Somewhere mom still has a pic of me, little brother and Jo standing in the middle of the room, dressed up silly, with Sybil and Brad in the background. Ah, the memories, . . . .

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    Blue Skull| September 29, 2007 |

    Merry Meet Gavin & Yvonne,

    I’m tempted to make the trip to Springfield and just might do that. It will be fun to go on a road trip in the fall for Samhain. Though my demeanor has changed from the days you last saw me, so instead of the clown costume it may be a skeleton (lol).

    The event at Shoreham Americana was a large one. And though my years do not total either of yours, my younger days of late night follies and early morning endeavors are past (lol). While in the U.S. Army, we would stay out till 3:00 A.M. and get up at 6:00 A.M. for physical training. If that was to occur now, it would be the end of me for sure (lol).

    Have a Good Evening All,

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    fenix| September 29, 2007 |

    David/Blue Skull –

    If you would like to come to the Ball, we are putting together a list of reasonably priced hotels for folks in the area. You can contact me at the coven’s email or through my Blogger account, and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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    The Pagan Temple| September 29, 2007 |

    Gavin and Yvonne-

    Thanks for the invite, I wish I could come but it is impossible, mainly due to other obligations and other unavoidable aspects that would make such a trip impractical for me as of now. Maybe at some future date I might be in a better position to attend such an event, but it’s really impossible to say.

    Still, I hope everything goes well for you, and I very much look forward to receiving your answers.

    As for YouTube, I never got an account,have no recording equipment, and am on dial-up anyway. Those things never load for me, they go a few seconds, then stop, go another few seconds, stop, etc.

    That’s why I never post YouTube videos directly on my blog, though I might on some rare occasions in the future post a link to one from time to time.

    I would be more than happy to post your answers on my blog if you don’t want to post them here. I don’t have that many readers, admittedly, as I have found most blog readers tend to be “Kool-Aid” drinkers that gravitate to those blogs that tenaciously stick to their particular train of thought or ideology. I tend to be all over the place, so I’m not consistently liberal or conservative enough, for one example, to attract a large audience.

    Still, I am linked just enough I would think other pagan bloggers and their readers would find your answers to be of sufficient interest to want to read them. You should post them here, really, in my opinion, but if you don’t want to, I certainly understand that, seeing as to the childish nature of certain people that troll your blog.

    I’m not a Goth myself, by the way, I am just somewhat intrigued by the lifestyle. A costume party setting would be the only time I’d do that.

    Anyway, have fun, and Blessed Be

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    Willow| September 29, 2007 |

    Blessed Be Gavin and Yvonne,
    I want to thank you for all the work you both have done so that the craft can be available to alot of people that wouldnt have had a chance to join a group years ago. I dont think people really understand the time and energy you both have put forth over the years for others to be able practice witchcraft and still keep their jobs! I was a mail student of yours in 1982 and I am still following what rings true to my heart. I am an Alexandrian witch but it was the work with you Yvonne… your comments.. that have kept me on my path. Thru all the BS you have to put up with you still standup for what you believe in and I want you to know that it has helped alot of people over the years be true to who they are.. you have done good. You have cleared many sticks and stones off the path so others can walk without stumbling.. walk in the light of day as witches.
    May the Gods preserve the Craft!
    Coven of Polaria Borealis

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