oops We Goofed – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

The address information for the Witch’s ball in Springfield should have been: or
Good to hear from all you old friends and new aquantances including our cuzins. We like plenty of raisins in our bran. Pagan Temple, please come. (a) We like vampires; (b) You can ask your questions in person. How about videoing the answers and putting them on youtube? We are working on your previous questions Honest.
More memories keep flashing in. Probably the biggest ever pagan/Wiccan gathering which we sponsored at the Shoreham Americana in Washington DC–2,000 plus. Casting a circle on network TV Sunday morning after drinking champagne with Sybil Leek and her mother, Al Manning and Brad steiger half the night, everyone feeling a lot of pain. Ah well we wuz young.


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