Omnia, The Wylde Hunt (with intro) – Music –

Omnia – The Wylde Hunt (with intro)

This song was not on YouTube yet with the original intro, and seeming how the song on the album starts (it flows from intro to song) I think it should be posted with intro.

When all the world has gone to sleep
The hunters to the forest creep
From out ‘the wild wood comes the call:
“The hunt is life … the hunt is all …”

An ancient forest beckons me
To run skyclad amongst the trees
My lusty spear, it cannot wait
The gentle deer to penetrate

Cernunnos, Lord of Beasts, he grunts:
“Come join us for the Wylde Hunt! …”

*** I do NOT own the band Omnia ( ), their music, or any other material used in this video ***



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