OMNIA, Old Man Tree – Music –

This is, I think, one of the most beautiful songs from the band OMNIA.

I wanted to thank the band by making a video using the most beautiful pictures…
I failed.
I couldn’t find the right pictures, nothing was perfect. I wanted to give them something beautiful but the most beautiful thing I can find in this World is nature outside and I cannot copy-paste that into a video.
Even the three pictures I did use are not yet perfect enough, even though I like them. A lot.
So I kept it simple, black. And I tried to thank them, with words.

I must say I am not completely content with this video. Not at all. I want to thank them but I cannot. My words are not enough.
Still I hope my thanks will at least be seen by them, be read, be heard in some way and I hope they will accept it.
Thank you OMNIA. Thank you Steve Sic, Jenny, Luka, Joe, Mich, Yoast, Tom and all the others.

If there are others out there who want to add something to this video, something relevant of course, please do so using this link:



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