Omnia, Niiv [HQ + Lyrics] – Music –

Presented By BertjeSpatel.
Given By Omnia.
Played By Luka, Sic, Jenny, Joe, Mich.
For Promotial Purposes Only!!

Saw Them In Gothic-FantasyFair Rijswijk 8 November 2009.

I Love Them, I Love This Song Too.

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Oli kaksi kaunokaista
pienen piilovaaran päässä
koreassa koivikossa
heleässä heinikossa

Jo meistä ero tulevi
poieslähtö lohtullingen
kotihinsa kumpainenki
kahen rakkahan välillä

[I don’t know just what you’re singing, do you love me, do you care? Mesmerized within your eyes, yet something tells me to beware, I don’t know anything, your song, it drives me to despair, when I turn around to hold you, I’m alone, you’re not there.]



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