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Wicca Can Offer Hope – New Thoughts on the New Moon –

Oh wow, I had a different thought in draft form, but I was discouraged by a response that seems lacking. What do I do when I see a need – I follow Mel Brooks’ advice to “see a need, fill a need.” I searched “Wicca + Hope” yesterday morning to find… very little. I see a need so I’m going to do something about that.

Basic Teachings of Wicca

What do the basic teachings of Wicca teach us about hope. Our words teach us that we can find “Power through Knowledge,” which I have redefined for myself as “Self-Empowerment through Knowledge.”  This time, this time that we have not seen in our lifetimes, calls for knowledge. What do you know? What can you learn? I learned this week when a friend called me in a panic that the symptoms she was

Reaching Out
Reaching Out but not touching

exhibiting were part of the group of COVID-19 symptoms, but since only 50% of the current count of diagnosed patients exhibited those symptoms, they have not been widely published. We talked at length, she called her doctor who told her to stay home, so I’ve been running errands for her and checking in at regular intervals. My knowledge, my ability to clean myself and not touch my face, leads me to believe that I’m acting in all our best interests. I can help my friend, who is sick with COVID-19 symptoms and practice safety measures protecting my family.

What else do I know? Healthy foods to eat to bolster my immune system (but not elderberry syrup for this go around), such as brazil nuts which offer extra selenium and other supplements to help ward off infection. I am also eating garlic, cayenne and ginger to help “heat” my body which is a homeopathic method to help make my body inhospitable to a virus.  I am practicing self-care because the Wiccan Rede tells us to harm none, including myself.  I have hope because I can learn what to do to help my family and myself, I have hope because I can take supplements and other actions to help my family. I can smudge around my home to help cleanse the air. Are there other ways Wicca can help you?

Your Power is Within, Too

Yes, there are. We humans have such strength. We are incredible beings. We can connect with spirit, we can keep our feet on the ground. We can meditate to practice calm because meditation can help our brains reset and to feel a stronger sense of calm. If we work our way into the discipline of a regular practice, we can connect with our Guides to work towards more profound meditation and astral travel. Wouldn’t that be a positive for you? Meditation offers us so much inner peace and connection. What a great way to take advantage of isolation, if you are in one of the affected areas. We offer lessons about how to meditate and here is an article about how to meditate, and another article with over thirty other people’s experiences with meditation.

Yoga Pose to suggest meditation
Yoga Pose graphic

There are interesting prophecies about COVID-19 with interesting predictions for the outcome. You can look to astrology or the tarot to obtain a generalized prediction about your future based on what you hope for (We are updating and uploading these courses for you. Astrology should be done by June 2020 and Prediction a few months after.) You can look to a tarot, astrology or another kind of psychic reading to find hope, or even ways to manage challenges to grow and learn.

Progressive Reincarnation Offers Hope

And there it is, another tenet of Wicca that suggests hope while we navigate this century’s first pandemic, Progressive Reincarnation. Gavin and Yvonne believed, and taught, that we are here in this incarnation, to learn as much as we can. We learn in this lifetime, and we move into a new lifetime with somewhat harder lessons until we reach… Nirvana, maybe? Or we choose to start over to learn more. I’m not sure there is a whole lot of “reward” in that set-up – I never could get a clear answer! But what I do know is even though our learning in this lifetime seems to be accelerated with the information and technology explosion. And, now, we are learning an entirely new set of skills. These are skills that Gavin and Yvonne encouraged: self-sustainability, preparing for at least a month without available supplies, learning how not to touch… anything or nearly anyone. A whole new set of skills. It seems like we are learning even more this lifetime.

The Wiccan Rede: Don’t Harm You Either

In an entirely different perspective, others might say that we have earned a reset on the Wiccan Rede. What do I mean by that? To quote another famous line, “Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.” (Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park) We, as humans, place an extraordinary value on human life. We know more every day, including more about medicine and health. Italy, no offense intended, has lost a disproportionate number of its elderly citizens. Or was that number disproportionate? Were people living beyond their time creating an undue, and harmful, burden on Our Mother Earth? I am not a pro-death person, nor am I a Kevorkian, but I wonder if Our Mother is correcting our overpopulation problem. I do not know if we will ever know what Our Mother intends.  It’s an alternative point of view about COVID-19. There are plenty of theories around. I am confident you have seen many of them during your time at home.

Law of Attraction Offers Hope — You Can Help Create Hope

The Law of Attraction states that the energy you put out will return to you. You can promote or share theories about the source of COVID-19 which might promote anxiety and fear. Or you can interact with people in a positive way, sharing information that is well vetted and safe to share with others. This also reflects upon the Web of the Wyrrd — if you ping on a strand of this web in a positive way, you may not even know where all those positive vibes land. There is psychological research to support how putting out positive energy can help everyone.

Spider Web
Spider Web representing the web of the wyrrd

What Else Can You Do?

Follow the guidelines. Improve your cleaning. Who hasn’t said this? Improve your health, not just physical using good supplements and combining allopathic with homeopathic medicine. But that’s not enough, improve your spiritual health. If you are in a travel restricted location, now you can improve your spiritual health. You can meditate, you can connect with your Guides, you can research and you can do what Wicca encourages you to do best. Protect your physical and mental health. You can learn and grow. You can empower yourself through knowledge. You can learn along the path that suits you and this search, this search that led you to this page, will now lead you closer to your spiritual truth.

We believe strongly in our tenets – my little family acts in ways that harm none. Consider this   in your actions, as we do in ours, to improve the energy on the web. We have faith because we know that we are learning and working toward our spiritual goals. It is okay if you choose to  not stay with Wicca because this is your journey. We have taught for over 50 years that, within Wicca, you are welcome to celebrate the pantheon of deities you are most comfortable with. Feel safe here. Feel hope on your faith path. Know that it is all happening for a reason and that when you feel fear or doubt, you may look to Wicca’s Basic Tenets for hopeful guidance.

And remember to say this when you feel fear or in other settings:

I am surrounded by the pure white light of the God-ess

Nothing but good shall go from me

Nothing but good shall come to me

So mote it be




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