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New Thoughts on the New Moon, February 2020 — Protection

Weekly inquiries come in about protection. The latest ones arriving say things like, “I have a banshee, what do I do?” Or, more commonly, “How do I protect myself?” I can recommend learning how to protect yourself all I like through the courses, but people want a quick fix. They always have. I remember letters from when I first started reading that asked the same questions. I want to protect myself. 

How do I protect myself?

First, question yourself, honestly. Why did you do what you did that got you into this situation? You didn’t do anything, really? The next, truly brutally honest with yourself question is, why do you need for not only yourself, but others, to see you as a victim of a banshee or other spirit attack? How much attention do you need? 

Look, many people will happily take your money, rattle some bones and call it a day. But wouldn’t you rather learn why you need this in your life? What lesson are you learning? Did you set this lesson for yourself?  

In our courses, we can teach you ways to protect yourself on every level. Once you have pursued some of the ideas here, you can start taking the courses to learn how to help yourself. The second benefit of taking our courses is that you can learn why you might need to feel this way through a spiritual understanding or learning astrology.  

Simple Protection is the Best Protection

 A simple chant and it really is good enough for most circumstances: 

I  am surrounded by the pure white (red or gold or another color) light of the God-ess 

Nothing but good shall come from me, nothing but good shall come to me 

As I will, so mote it be.  

Dance widdershins around your home. Dance around the outside of your house, light a candle, do what is necessary to make you feel better about your protection. Say it at least three times and depending on the level of threat you feel, do it often.  

Ferrous Metal for Protection

Horseshoes sitting the proper way to return energy to a sender.

Horseshoes and bent nails stem from some of the best ideas  in folklore and mythology, as do horseshoes. What is the proper way to hang a horseshoe, so it brings good luck? Why, with the tips pointing outward! Any energy sent to your home, good or bad, will return that energy to the sender.  

If you live on your own land then you can bury bent nails around your home. You want a type of nail made with iron in it, as ferrous metal attracts magnets and this will disrupt any energy sent towards you. If you have houseplants, you can bury bent nails in your plants as well. 


Sage and Sweet Grass for Cleansing and Protection

Cultural appropriation at its finest. I am so grateful to other traditions for allowing us to hijack this method and use it. This is more for cleansing one’s home or space. It works. Most people typically buy a smudging bundle from a local vendor (farmer’s market? Buy local when you can.) and then burn this in a clay container wafting smoke around the home. Not only that, but smudging using this method contains as yet fully undetermined health benefits. For us, in the Northern Hemisphere, this has been a hard winter. Online articles suggest that smudging with sage can help clear the air of bugs, bacteria and negative ions 

Be very careful in offices. I make my own bundle and went to smudge a university office. Since it was my own bundle, it was loosely wrapped and lit up the fastest I had ever seen. I felt pure terror I was going to set off the sprinkler system. Benefits of home grown: no unknown chemicals, I grew it myself so I know the provenance and your bundle is fresher, etc. Drawbacks: Be sure to wrap your bundle tightly! You could set off sprinkler systems or fire alarms.  

Lavender in Winter
Lavender growing in winter in West Virginia
Russian Sage in Winter
Russian Sage growing in winter in West Virginia

If you make own, research what you should and should not use in bundles. If you have the space, I recommend making your own. Bees love all sages, as best as I can tell. So you feed the bees a natural plant that you are growing chemical free and you have a plant that you can use, chemical free. I do not have sweet grass in my garden, but I do have lavender that I use frequently. I use a hemp cord and make bundles that, as I have said, I do not wrap tightly enough, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.  

 When You Want to be More Careful — More Elaborate Protection

When a person conducts a meditation or an astral journey, the spirit is not always at home in the body. Therefore, a little bit more protection can be helpful. 

You can sit within a salt circle in a chair containing non-ferrous metal or sit on the floor.  

To measure your personal circle, we suggest a sacred measure as discussed in our courses. If you do not have that calculated based on your latitude, then take a string and measure from your belly button to the floor while you stand bare-footed. This string will be the measure of the radius of your personal circle. You can then center that string on a spot to move 360 degrees creating a circle from the center of your circle.  

A simple thing to do, especially if you are renting is to create a salt snake the circumference of your circle – take your personal measure and cut a length of fabric the full distance of your circle which is 2 times the length of your string multiplied by pi or 3.14159… 

Formula – Circumference of personal circle (not sacred measure) = 

Length of string from belly button to floor times 2 times 3.14159… 

That measurement would be the length of your salt snake. You cut this measure of fabric (cotton or linen is best, no blended materials) and sew it into a tube. Fill this tube with non-iodized salt. (Do not get it wet – if the weather is humid, store your snake in a warm, dry place or even an air tight tote so the salt does not harden up.) This is a fantastic portable protection. This idea was brought to us by one of our more crafty students many years ago and we are still delighted with the creativity and portability of this idea. 

How Can You Harm None?

Protection is a touchy subject. Many people feel that protecting yourself can limit your spiritual growth. What is it better to do: to protect yourself or to embrace your spiritual growth? Where is the lesson when you consider “Power Through Knowledge,” you want to think about how your higher learning is impacted. If we are here to learn and grow as we progress through our lifetime’s objectives then perhaps feeling attacked is a part of this lifetime’s learning objectives. It is your place to learn from this perception to move forward, and hopefully, through it. Seeking protection may not help you work to your higher spiritual learning. It is, of course, your choice. You get to choose to understand this need to the best of your ability. Feel free to learn more through our courses.



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