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I didn’t have an idea for what to write this month. There is so much evolving outside of our mostly isolated homes here in the US. Yesterday, because I wake up early and played with the Gematria for at least an hour before it was time to start my day, numerology was on my mind. So much has changed for me since March 22, 2020, and it will continue to evolve during my Chiron return and as Uranus transits my 12th house.

Sidebar: Worry. I am not looking forward to Uranus in my 12th. There are personal things I expect  to happen but I am doing what I can before they do. It will be  stressful. I figure they are karmic, from lifetimes, not just from this one. And here is a post focused on karma with a nod about worry and how little it actually does for you.  Since Yvonne loved Marcus Aurelius here is a quote from him about worry: Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.


Cheiro Gematria
The numerological list based on the sounds the numbers make from Hebrew

Gematria is a possible weapon in Marcus Aurelius’ arsenal, or yours. Why the Gematria instead of  modern numerology? The way we use language is about sound. It’s so obvious if you are a pet owner — sounds matter in the form of commands and loving vibration.  For more about sound, and especially for you water signs or moons, read “The Hidden Messages in Water.” Humans are very slow to evolve, and so we respond to how the numbers and sounds resonate for us. Water will respond to the sounds, not the simplified approach. We do not always respond in the simplest way, so I struggle with the A= 1, B= 2, C=3, D= 4, E = 5, F= 6, G= 7, H= 8, I = 9, etc., that is supported by most public numerologists.

To improve your understanding, consider sounds of the letters. Which ones are a harder (consonant) sound — are they similar? Is the way you move your mouth similar? Think about similarities in vowels — which ones sound similar? Consider a more nuanced relationship with sound, numbers and letters than the above list. If the modern method resonates for you, then so be it. One of the central tenets of our School of Wicca is to take what you like leaving the rest.


How does the Gematria relate to karma— lets look at the values of the letters: K = 2, A=1, R=2, M=4, and A=1, adding up to 10. What does 10 signify? From Cheiro’s Book of Numbers:

“Wheel of Fortune.” It is a number of honor, of faith and selfconfidence (sic), of rise and fall; one’s name will be known for good or evil, according to one’s desires; it is a fortunate number in the sense that one’s plans are likely to be carried out.

1+0 also adds to 1 leading us to the Sun, Sunday,  the will and the beginning. Karma can lead to an initiatory experience if we are willing to recognize and engage the learning offered by karma’s lesson. As the sun sits alone in the sky, potentially destroying anything that comes near, so must the 1 energy be coped with as an individual. Again, this can lead you to your higher learning — your higher spiritual path.

What is this telling us about karma? For our purposes here, this is about multiple lifetimes. We believe in reincarnation as a path to soul enlightenment, not just temporary physical enlightenment here on this plane. And karma is the outcome of purposeful living on the path to enlightenment. If you somehow think “just wait until karma catches up to that person,” you have missed the point. Your anger is about your karma.

Why Evolve Your Understanding of Karma

Path in Woods
Path in the woods Raleigh County 2020

Why? Because the higher path is RIGHT THERE! Between the definitions of karma, right action, and the rise and fall in Cheiro’s definition, if you act in a low vibration way, your short-term karma will attract that karmic lower vibration. You are in essence, harming yourself, violating the Wiccan Rede while activating the Law of Attraction. Let’s level up!  If you act or move towards a higher vibration, or rise in Cheiro’s definition, guess what — you will attract that higher vibration. Look to your higher soul purpose!

How many people have you seen in the last few months vibrating from fear, insecurity, and on those lower frequencies? Lots! I have too. Many are justified because this is a terrible time for many. And in the US, this is confounded by a lack of legitimate  political leadership, making current events seem even more terrifying. It is the biggest challenge we face: to vibrate on as high a spiritual level as we can while facing death or homelessness. Let’s do this though, let’s try to vibrate on high. We can ask ourselves, what is the thing we can do today that causes the least harm? How can I raise my karma? How can I activate my right action and the best law of attraction I have to offer? Let my karma not be my own spiritual self-harm.


Yoga Pose to suggest meditation
Yoga Pose graphic

Practice this: Let my karma not be my own spiritual self-harm. Harm none, including yourself.  Please do what you do, meditation or otherwise and start considering the karmic imprint you wish to leave for your spirit for your future lifetimes.

For more to explore about karma: start here


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