Capricorn Eclipse – New Thoughts on the New Moon –

While I’m never short of ideas for a blog, I am short of time. Working full-time, caring for my family, and attempting to do some self-care leaves little time for personal writing. A local friend is also a writer, although much better than I am, and he works full-time as well as having three children at home. I often look to him for inspiration when I tire of all my responsibilities.

Capricorn’s Nature

Boy, there’s a bunch of junk out there on the internet about astrology and eclipses. This paid astrologer contradicts that paid astrologer, blah, blah many with promising insights, but often writing confusing posts. Thankfully, this blog is free, and hopefully, better. Capricorn, as a zodiac sun sign has a reputation of being a hard worker, sometimes ruthless, and stubborn (most earth signs are classified this way, however, having been run over by more than one earth sign, I just say, “Don’t get in their way.”). Before I go any further: we all want what we want therefore we are all stubborn; fire signs are stubborn one way, water another and air… well… they will just talk you out of your idea to out-stubborn any human on the planet. People who do not interact well with Capricorn energy say other things also, less positive, but out of respect, it is wise to say constructive things about all signs. For those of us who believe in progressive reincarnation, we will all visit this planet at least once as a Capricorn – best to not be derogatory towards a sign we may not fully understand yet.

I am a strong believer in Astrology and love what The Church and School of Wicca has to offer through the wonderful Glenn Malec. I did retype the entire course (apparently during a Mercury Retrograde) as only half the course saved. Therefore, I need to finish that task again (nod to the God). What’s happening in the sky is always profound, but some days more so than others. These days, Christmas 2019, the eclipse and the following New Moon, are just that. If your baby is born during this time, get a chart done and plan that human’s life accordingly – this is a big deal and you must tread carefully. I have one son with a Capricorn rising and another with a Capricorn Moon – I worked hard to ensure neither of them were bullies because I could see ruthless qualities building in each one when they were small.  These aspects were not the only reason that personality trait showed up in both my sons, but it contributed. (Bullying is not only attributable to a Capricorn placement for ruthlessness but can also be observed in Mars placements as well.) I am appalled by the oversimplification of Astrology available and wish that all could be as capable as my friends who have supported my learning.

Capricorn Transits

The sky is in a place, right now, with six planets in Capricorn. This will not happen again soon, so it is an amazing time to be alive and be aware. What does that mean for you? Does it mean restart? Does it mean renew? Does it mean work harder? Possibly. What it DOES mean is look at your birth chart. (Some will suggest reviewing your progressed chart – possibly, but I don’t use this information much.) You can get this free online in many places and I am using an application titled Time Passages that has a limited free trial. What is in Capricorn right now? Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn (exalted) and Pluto. You can look all of this up, so I do not have to do a lot here for you unless you wish for a recommendation for sites I use (or someone wishes to submit a site for review).

Astrology Overall

I am fascinated by this. I do not have a balanced chart – there are no planets where Capricorn rules in my chart and I suffer from a lack of Earth overall. So, I dig in the dirt. I find it calming to kneed dough and, sometimes, just lie on the ground. I know I need it. I don’t believe I am “good” at earth signs, but I am aware of what I lack and know how to help myself within this lack. You can learn this too. Astrology can be a fun way to explain that which you might not necessarily understand and fill in gaps when you might have questions. Reviewing Neptune transits can help you consider how you interact with magic, mysticism and dreams. If you want to do spiritual work, this is a great placement to consider working on in your chart.

What Can You Do?

What can you do during this time? This Capricorn transit, as I write it is mainly in the Twelfth House, the house of transformation, especially during this transit. Ask yourself, “What work do I need to do? Am I ready to do it? And, do I have a choice?” Yes, you can avoid the work, but that means you will see the challenge again. Do you really want to do that? Capricorn challenges are typically pretty earthy which means they can relate to money and they do mean hard work. It may not necessarily mean digging a ditch, but it may mean that you make a major shift on your internal landscape and you need to work. And the blocks you have in place to embrace this change may mean that your challenges may be some of the hardest you face. Capricorn is tough, it’s one of the survivors of the zodiac. If you complete this task you have set for yourself in this lifetime during this transit, you win. You are encountering an intense transit and you may not have to do that work again. It’s worth it. When you break through your challenges, you will have an easier time with this energy.

Astrological Houses — Where is Capricorn on Your Wheel

How do you know what challenges you might be facing? Check your Capricorn placement in your chart and what house it is in. Houses give you good information, so for instance if Capricorn is transiting your First House, you will work on your appearance and potential leadership opportunities. You may be a reluctant leader, but you will find yourself learning about leadership during this time. If you do become a leader, you will be thorough and worthy of trust, even if you are a stubborn human convinced that your ideas are always correct.

Do you know your time of birth? This is the only way to get an accurate chart. A very good astrologer can come close to your time of birth by retroactively measuring major events in your life or personality traits, for instance, I’m pretty confident that Yvonne has an Aquarius Rising so that her unorthodox ways are visible to all (this could also be a Midheaven transit, but I’m currently leaning towards a Rising Sign).

How Do You Harm None?

Sometimes, transits are so illuminating –they teach you so much. Sometimes transits lead to a reframing of your life and your friend constructs change which can feel really isolating. Capricorn works well within this transition because when Capricorn is ruthless, friends can peel away. This is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Do not be alarmed if you feel lonely during this time of change. This energy may ease up in time for the next Lunar Eclipse between January 10 and 11, 2020, or it may linger until June 5/6, 2020, or even the next Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020. That will be a busy month in the sky, as the Solar Eclipse on June 21 is framed by a Lunar Eclipse on June 5/6 and July 4/5. What’s the best thing to think when you feel really pushed or challenged? “Don’t panic. This too shall pass.”

On easier days, meditate on where your blockages are or what is actually changing for you? Journal, practice mindfulness, do what you need to understand what you are learning through this time of change. You have worked hard to be here now and aware, not being mindful of this powerful transit is a miss for you. Pay attention, in your way, so you can learn what you need to.  An astrologer friend recommends, meditate, journal and then write down the current transits for that time. If your site does not offer a current astrological chart, then you can do a horary chart which can time a current transit. I often look these up when friends ask me profound questions that can affect that person’s future or our shared future.

Does a Well-Aspected Capricorn Suggest Loneliness

Frequently, being a Witch or Wiccan, means a lonely life. Capricorn can emphasize this because it is isolating to work hard. What you find, as you work through this, is that you have a rich, full life because you are finding your Spirit Guide, and a rich world available to you in the esoteric realms. You are only as lonely as you feel. Do not feel discouraged. If you are really feeling isolated, go out and spend money and you will find your short-time friends will show up because the money is available. However, be aware that these are your shallow friends. Your deeper friends are there, but they are most likely coping with their Capricorn transit energy too. Be patient with yourself and others. For me, these are the friends that show up 25 years after high school graduation to say hello or the friend that hikes with me because we both like to be outside and talk, but don’t really have time to sit down to talk. In neither case, do we talk every day. Your patience will pay off over time, but look to that patience to start paying off after the Summer Solstice 2020 (Winter Solstice 2020 for the Southern Hemisphere). And, since you might feel isolated, do that internal work. Learn and grow and then you can be a better friend in a few months as well as being a better friend to yourself now.

Use that Capricorn energy for the most good for you. That’s what Capricorn is about – being strong where it is placed in your chart. Be aware.


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