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If you enjoyed the movie Deep Water, you will surely enjoy our book “A Modern Grail Quest.” It is an action/romantic/adventure story with explicit sex based on single-handed round-the-world yacht racing.
Quite a positive thing happened this week. Another new book is now available through and through Barnes & Noble ( For details of the book, go to our website

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    The Voice of Reason| September 1, 2007 |

    Gavin and Yvonne,

    First let me thank you for the advance copy!

    Yes, it is a fantastic, page turning novel. This book will lead your thorugh the twists and turns of the life of a once famous but now “washed up” yachtsman. Who eventually finds his “Holy Grail” in the place he least expected to find it.

    I recommend anyone who likes action/adventure novels pick this one up!

    Debra Ravenswood

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