New Book Royalty

Today we got our first royalty Check for “Good Witches Fly Smoothley”. Well it will buy a couple of dinners! Writting is indeed the poorest paid proffession. Blessed be Y’all.

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    ajdrew| June 24, 2007 |

    Actually, some folk make a very good living at it. I believe your book sales are down because people are starting to know who and what you are. That and because endorsements from folk like Dr. Raymond Buckland have been withheld due to what you have written concerning the sexual initiation of children at the onset of puberty. While you have made it clear that you do not understand why it is that there is so much fuss about what you have previously written, I think it is clear that you no longer have a career as a pagan or Wiccan author and your book sales are reflecting that.

    So now you have turned to the Internet to try and change things. It is not going to work. Try entering the following into the Google search engine:

    gavin frost child molestation
    witches bible rape
    wicca child molestation
    pagan child molestation

    It is all about you Gavin. You are becoming famous and parents are learning who to protect their children from.

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