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Okay. So this nation’s elected President has said he favors same-sex marriage. Oh, the spasms of squealing and gasping and sanctimonious whining at the thought! Oh, the posturing and the elbowing for camera angle, each poseur claiming, “I’m more outraged than he is! Vote for me, and I’ll turn the U.S. into a theocracy for sure!”
What the heck, people? Optional is not mandatory. If there’s a pizza restaurant out at the edge of town, and you don’t like pizza, don’t patronize the place. How complicated is that?
If you don’t think same-sex marriage is a good idea, don’t enter into one. If you think this nation is going straight to hell for having SSM available, tell it to your god. Sure, the nation is going to hell–but not because of SSM. Just look at what Congress is doing and has done; then make sure your passport is up to date.
Do you remember from your study of the Revolutionary War the anger summarized in the phrase.
                                                      Taxation without representation

It kicked off the Boston Tea Party and the revolution itself.

So today, if gay people pay taxes, surely they deserve the same freedom of choice, the same representation as the “straights” do … or am I wrong?


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