Lecture XII - Harmony

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WHERE TO NOW? The Craft has existed, in the minds and lives of those who refused to conform, since before recorded history. It is the
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The Pentagramic Religion

The Craft dates from a time before recorded history. It is based on five principles which have endured for thousands of years. These five are
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Can Satanists be Witches?

Let us look at this definition and apply it to a recent controversial question; that is: Can satanists be Witches? Can Witches be satanists? Clearly
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Advice from the Past

The Christians, the Mohammedans, and the Jews have all got it wrong. There are two sorts of people: Those with religion and no brains, And
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Now it's time to proceed. Wicca is, and must remain, an experimental way of believing. In the minds of Witches, to become an expositor of
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