Lecture XI - Prediction

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Nature is able to predict weather weeks in advance; but humans, who consider themselves the highest form of life, seem to have lost the ability.
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Today people are turning more and more to seers for guidance. This seems to be one more symptom of their realization that neither the church
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The Multi-Path System

Methods employed by seers are as varied as the colors of the rainbow. The only basic requirements are that: 1. the method chosen be what
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Analysis of Result

Over the past thirty years students of the School have cast and interpreted hexagrams, and have cast a specific astrological chart. Six hundred of those
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Responsibility of the Reader

Before we discuss some of our favorite methods of prediction and reading, it is important to review the ethics and responsibilities of readers. Far too
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Many prediction methods are available. The method is far less important than that it be comfortable for you and your querents, and that it allow
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Lecture XI Questionnaire

Student Number____________ Complete the questionnaire (on another sheet of paper if you want to keep this page for your records) and cut along the dotted
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