Lecture X - Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Claireaudience, and Clairesentience

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This lecture deals with the telepathic reception of “clair” or “clear” messages, through:   Seeing Voyance Visualization Hearing Audience Audition Smell Olfaction Scent Touch Tactition
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A. Physical Sit in a comfortable chair and visualize a tulip growing from the ground. First it is a minute green spike, just peeping through
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A. Physical The exercise for audition is similar to the one for visualization. In this case, imagine yourself sitting by a small brook in the
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A. Physical Olefaction is the ability to detect and differentiate odors. Test yourself by imagin-ing different smells. Those most popular are cloves, burning sulfur, lilac,
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A. Physical The ability to sense the different qualities of physical objects through your fingertips or the palms of your hands is often called psychometry.
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This is the ability to taste, physically and etherically. In many people the sense is very powerful. The expression, "He left a bad taste in
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This is the ability to feel emotion, especially emotion of other people. It is the most subtle and yet the most powerful of the senses.
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Testing Your Powers

For each of the six senses, construct a table similar to the one shown in Table X 1. Experiment at the times of day listed
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Psychometry is the science of using your etheric senses to read emanations from objects and from people. Every single object that you handle has its
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This lecture is one of the most important in the course for you personally, because when you complete the development steps you will see a
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Lecture X Questionnaire

Complete the quiz. The outside reading assignment (required if you plan to be initiated) is ASTROLOGY by Ronald Davison, pub Arco. (Any good astrology primer will
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