Lecture VII - Perils and Precautions

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If you are to protect yourself, you need to understand the forces at work. In general, there are two types of force you may encounter:
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General Thoughtforms We define thoughtforms as energy packages produced and released by living entities. They can be produced either voluntarily or involuntarily, with or without
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Mirror Protection

Usually a person doesn't have enough knowledge to do any harm; but occasionally a psychic attack can actually cause damage. Since time immemorial, mirrors and
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Amulet Protection

An amulet is an object made with a specific intent in mind.  Usually the intent is to ward off evil.  The amulet is made from
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Protective Circles

One of the best protections for your bed or your (mundane) working space is a double circle.  In general, those who would attack you are
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Occasionally someone will become possessed, either through their own stupid actions or because they have been in an accident. Before you do anything it is
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Good Luck

With all the protection in the world, your life may still be in the pits. What you need is an influx of good luck. One
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The first rule of protection is: AVOID THE PERIL. Yes, negative impulses exist, and naughty entities exist as well. You will have little reason to
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Lecture VII Questionnaire

Student Number_______ Please complete the questionnaire (on another sheet of paper if you wish to keep this page for your records) and mail it to
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