Lecture VI - Songs, Prayers, and Incantations

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This lecture deals with the language of ritual and with the raising of power through incantations, dance, and other sensory keys. The lecture will guide
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Witches regard prayer as a request to a discarnate being such as a guide or a group of guides. Most times you are simply asking
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Prayers of Request

Before asking for anything in a request prayer, it is best to make sure that you have not exhausted the possibility of working for it;
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The sense of hearing is one of the most sensitive, on both the physical and the psychic levels. Ancient peoples were tremendously dependent on the
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Successful Chanting

After deciding on your intent and on the time of day (or night) for your effort, and having tuned yourself (and your group, if you
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The Names of Power

When you meet someone for the first time, you learn his Christian name and his surname. This is his label: a label by which you
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It is important that every member of your group enjoy the songs you sing and that each member join in. The spirits value sincerity far
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Whatever technique or combination of techniques you use to raise power -- visualization, chanting, or dancing -- what you are doing is turning yourself into
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The Psychic Link

The final item needed for success in a ritual is a strong link to the object or the person(s) you want to influence. If you
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Rituals and spells are, if you like, the operational aspect of the Craft: the assembling of the request, the chant, the dance, the song, and
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You should be able to obtain whatever you desire through the use of the magick side of the Craft--though you should remember it is often
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Cross Not My Path

Once in a while there may be someone who causes such anger in your life that you decide the best thing for your own mental
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