Lecture V- Purification

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Introduction- Purification

It is universally realized that when people sock in groups they must be squeaky-clean. Thus various disciplines of purification have been invented and 
taboos established
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Types of Purification

Five methods of purification are used in Tantra. They are: 1. by air 2. by water. 3. by fire 4. by earth 5. by externalization.
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Tantric exercise is designed to limber the body, to stretch the muscles, and 
to improve the flexibility and adaptability of all the muscles and joints.
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Combination exercises with the group are always more enjoyable than those 
done alone or even in diad. A typical traditional old bridge/stretching 
exercise follows. Stand
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The traditional purifications and exercises of Tantra and Ha-tha Yoga have 
endless variety. Also many gurus invent their own. None of them is degrading; 
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