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Lecture III Questionnaire

Student Number ______ . Complete the questionnaire (on another sheet of paper if you wish to keep this page for your records) and mail it
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Rituals and Spells

We define: Rituals as those procedures that are done many times so that they eventually become almost second nature. In some contexts, a ritual can
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Why use Ritual?

There are two basic reasons to use ritual: To attune the mind, the body, and the spirit, psychologically and physiologically, to what is going to
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Some Introductory Ideas

When you meditate alone, you are performing an individual ritual. When someone meditates with you, you each modify your own setup so that you can
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Rites of Passage

Here we list some of the many rites of passage used in Wicca. You can probably think of many more. 1. Wiccaning The sealing and
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Most rituals work so remember always: Be careful what you ask for. You'll probably get it exactly it! Be natural when you participate in a
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A Morning Ritual

The one thing that often distinguishes a Witch's home is that it contains a simple altar. A small table will suffice, or the top of
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