Lecture III - The Selfless Tantric Group and House

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In the melding process each spirit surrenders part of its individuality to 
the new Whole, the larger spirit. Thus in order to meld quickly, the
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The House and the Ashram

In Figure III-1 you see that in the melding process different numbers of spirits are melded together to form larger entities. Table III-1 shows these
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The Mare and the Hare

Occasionally a new probationer must be rejected because their genitalia are either much larger or much smaller than the average in the House. The term
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The Diadic Couple

Within a balanced Tantra House where there is an equal number of males and 
of females, a simple straightforward roster is established so that every
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What a Tantrist Wears

When going into the outside world, Tantrists dress so they will not be noticed. They do not go out in Indian saris or see-through multi-layered
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Financing the House

A Tantric House has rather a lot of rooms and square footage; however, when 
it is compared with the square footage of family houses you
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The Tantrist lives in peaceful, happy surroundings. He lives in the security of a House wherein all the inhabitants have the same ultimate aim; that
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