Lecture II - Freeing the Mind

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In your heart of hearts, and in your everyday thoughts, you recognize that some thing or someone “owns” your body. You say “my arm”, “my
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FREEING THE MIND The next ten lectures are oriented to the practical aspects of the Craft. In this first lecture of practical instruction, you will
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“Visions” include those psychic feelings that are received by senses besides sight. Some people, though actually very psychic, may never “see” anything. These people receive
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In the rush of today's life, you rarely spend long times working at crafts or tasks that allow your mind to drift free while the
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The Power of Dreams

Dreams are able to present to you the intuitive feelings which until now had been blocked by day today problems. Countless scientists give credit for
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Dream States

Scientists have found that dreaming consists of many different states. The most common state they have defined is that called REM (rapid eye movement). In
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Interpreting Dreams

When you dream, you receive two kinds of symbols: those created by your own mind, and symbols universal to humanity. What you receive is uniquely
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We will deal with two types of meditation experience: “outward”, where you open yourself up and receive “visions”; and “inward”, where you concentrate and visualize
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"Me" has two reasons for becoming concerned when "I" tries to meditate: As we noted above, "Me" worries that it will have trouble if "I"
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First Meditation

1. All your faculties are resting and waiting. You are in a state of homeostasis, with all your cravings moderately satisfied. There is nothing pulling
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Follow Up

If you have a companion, discuss what each of you experienced. If you meditated alone, write down any impression you received with the date of
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Aids to Meditation

There was a time when we recommended that meditators used aids or props to focus their mind in meditation. In years of working with thousands
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Getting it Working

If nothing dramatic happens in their first few meditations, some people give up. We urge you to persist for at least an entire moon cycle
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With time, you will receive a growing number of impressions in dreams, daydreams, and meditation. The impressions come into some low level of the mind
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Your Guide

Usually your Guide will be someone like yourself, who is between incarnations. (S)he has elected to reach back down to help others progress. Beware, though:
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