Lecture I - Twighlight-Zone Astral Travel

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Astral Project Today

Is the other half of life passing you by? Are you missing out on the opportunity to explore, from the safety of your own home,
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No Need to be Afraid

The School often receives letters from people who are afraid of learning how to remember their dreams, people who are afraid of astral traveling and
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Piercing the Astral Veil

Very few of us are fortunate ‑‑ or unfortunate ‑‑ enough to experience minor accidents of the type that the researcher remembers so vividly. We
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Your Astral Signal

Our studies show that in the few instants before astral projection a "signal" pehnomenon occurs. In many cases this takes the form of a small
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Beauty and The Beast

We just told you that if you are embarrassed when you astral project you should remember to clothe the astral body. To do this, the
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