Lecture VII- Meditating on the Lotus

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Lotus-Stem Meditation

To understand perfect concentration, think of the six aspects or six modes through which every creature and every object expresses itself: 1. It is visible.
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A Practical Experiment

Perhaps you have in your fruit bowl a pear or an apple you would enjoy. Let's see whether you can improve its flavor and texture.
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The Stem Meditation Female

The female too uses single-pointed meditation, focusing on the lingam. First it is visualized, as erect, pink, ready, with the foreskin drawn back so that
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Masturbation and Meditation

As society's list of taboos grows shorter, so increasing numbers of Tantrists use a form of masturbation to help their lotus-stem meditation along, bringing themselvs
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Maithuna Is Training

During the Tantric ritual of Maithuna the lingam is within the yoni, but ejaculation is forbidden. In the usual position the female lies on her
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In the rush of today's life, you rarely spend long times working at pursuits that allow your mind to drift free while the tasks keep
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Because you are trying to open yourself in lotus-petal meditation just like a lotus blossom to receive all that golden knowledge out there, you must
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First Meditation

All your faculties are resting and waiting. You are in a state of homeostasis, with all your cravings moderately satisfied. There is nothing pulling or
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Follow Up

If you have a companion, talk now of what each of you experienced. If you have no companion, write down any impression you received with
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This is the most important section of Tantric teaching. You must learn: 1. Control and Conservation of Energy - not only so you can a.
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